Turing... Pt. 2

En el siempre interesante The New Atlantis, hay un largo ensayo analizando la vigencia del Turing Test. La prueba inventada por el brillante Alan Turing para decidir si una computadora es inteligente.

"Turing’s paper claimed that suitably programmed digital computers would be generally accepted as thinking by around the year 2000, achieving that status by successfully responding to human questions in a human-like way. In preparing his readers to accept this idea, he explained what a digital computer is, presenting it as a special case of the “discrete state machine”; he offered a capsule explanation of what “programming” such a machine means; and he refuted—at least to his own satisfaction—nine arguments against his thesis that such a machine could be said to think. (All this groundwork was needed in 1950, when few people had even heard of computers.) But these sections of his paper are not what has made it so historically significant. The part that has seized our imagination, to the point where thousands who have never seen the paper nevertheless clearly remember it, is Turing’s proposed test for determining whether a computer is thinking—an experiment he calls the Imitation Game, but which is now known as the Turing Test."

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Imagen: la maquina Enigma de los nazi's. Utilizada durante la segunda guerra mundial para codificar sus mensajes. Turing fue el mayor responsable de descubrir como funcionaba y, por lo tanto, uno de los mayores responsables de la derrumba del los alamanes.

Futuratronics homework assignment: build your own paper enigma machine.

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